Reissue: A Cadence Creek Christmas

A Cadence Creek Christmas is reissued today, which means all 6 of the Cadence Creek stories are now republished! It’s available for kindle and in paperback at

The final three Cadence Creek stories feature the Shepard siblings, and this is Taylor’s story…


Come to Cadence Creek for the wedding of the season…

Event Planner Taylor Shepard makes a point of not organizing Christmas weddings, but she can’t turn down her brother’s request for her first-class services. She leaves her home of Vancouver behind and journeys to Cadence Creek to plan the big event and finds herself falling for the small town’s holiday charm. It doesn’t help that she keeps running into reticent rancher and reluctant groomsman Rhys Bullock—not her type at all. So why can’t she stop thinking about him?

Rhys has seen Taylor’s type before. The bossy city girl will plan the wedding, take in the scenery, and high-tail it back to the west coast as soon as the holiday is over. But as the Christmas spirit begins to take over the town, he glimpses a side of her he never expected. The connection between them is surprising and strong, an unexpected gift Rhys never knew he needed. But how can their romance last beyond the season, when their lives are so far apart?


I don’t know about you, but I actually love reading holiday stories when it’s NOT the season – so go ahead and grab this one now for some feel good romance!

Get Ready to Rumble!

Fun news from The Writer’s Federation of Nova Scotia – and me!

On March 21, two teams of 6 Nova Scotia authors will compete to “chain-write” two short stories, each author writing up to 300 words before passing on the keyboard – including me, on the Plot Thickeners team!

Hosted at Propeller Brewing Co. (2015 Gottingen St., Halifax), the event will include both the public writing rumble (2:00pm to 6:30pm) and a reading of the competing stories (6:45pm). The event is free to attend, with in-person donations accepted.

Sponsorships of individual rumblers are accepted until the event concludes. This is a major fundraising event for the Writer’s Fed, with proceeds going to fund the Charles R Saunders Prize:  One prize ($1,000 cash and a $3,000-value 5-month literary mentorship through the Alistair MacLeod Mentorship Program) is awarded each year to an emerging writer with an in-progress work in speculative fiction or in nonfiction that shows promise and career-advancing merit. Priority is given to writers from marginalized communities, including but not limited to writers marginalized on the basis of ability, disability, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality.

And there are PERKS for sponsoring your favourite rumbler! Each person who sponsors me will be able to choose a book from my backlist (ebook only)!

And the Writer’s Federation also offers prizes which are cumulative:

I would be THRILLED to have your support! You can sponsor me here by choosing The Plot Thickeners for team and then my name from the Rumbler drop down! Thank you so much!

Start these series with Prime Reading!

Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, you can get the first book in both my Jewell Cove and Darling VT series in the Prime Reading program!

The House on Blackberry Hill: A family mystery, a ghost from the past, and new-found love will draw readers into this compelling story, first in the Jewell Cove series. When Abby Foster inherits the Maine mansion, she also inherits a family secret and meets her match in the sexy contractor she hires to rehab the house.

Somebody Like You: Come home to Darling, VT, and a heartwarming series opener! Aiden Gallagher broke Laurel Stone’s heart back in high school. Now she’s back in Darling following a divorce and determined to start over, only to discover that the sexy cop still holds a piece of her heart.


Limited time sale on The Cowboy’s Code

I’m gearing up for the release of the last Cadence Creek miniseries title, and I thought what better way to celebrate than to offer a Kindle Countdown deal?

From March 1-7, readers in the US and UK can get the first book in the Cadence Creek series for just 99 cents! THE COWBOY’S CODE features a sexy as sin rancher, a strong, stubborn social worker, and a cause close to both of their hearts…

He’ll do anything to protect the ones he loves…

Social worker Angela Beck has too much to do to wait around for a cowboy who’s all charm and little substance. Setting up her women’s shelter means everything to her. Trouble is, she needs the support of Sam Diamond and his family to get the project off the ground. And that means working together…

Sam has always loved a challenge, and the sharp-tongued Angela has him on his toes. As they work together to make the shelter a reality, he discovers the warm, vibrant woman beneath the efficient exterior. She might just be the kind of woman he’s been waiting for…

But trusting doesn’t come easily to Angela—she’s learned to count on herself and not lean on others, especially the sexy rancher with a protective streak. When Angela’s painful past resurfaces, Sam knows it’s time for him to step up and be the man she needs—and hopefully win her heart.

SOMEBODY LIKE YOU is in Prime Reading

Hey all – just dropping by with a note to let you all know that SOMEBODY LIKE YOU, the first book in my Darling VT series, is still available in Prime Reading! If you are a Prime member, you can read this book for free on your kindle (or in the kindle app!)

Come home to Darling, VT, and a heartwarming series by New York Times Bestselling Author, Donna Alward!

You can go home again…

After a heartbreaking divorce, Laurel Stone returns to Darling looking for a do-over. She’s certainly not searching for romance, especially from Aiden Gallagher, the boy who broke her heart in high school. She’s happy to focus on her new business, until a theft sends Aiden – now a cop – to her doorstep.

Aiden’s left his teenage hellion years in the rear-view mirror, and he wishes more than anything to have a second chance with Laurel. But she’s understandably cautious, even as the chemistry still sizzles between them whenever their paths cross.

When Laurel’s new employee, a homeless veteran, is assaulted, the two must unite to find his assailant. The barriers between them tumble one by one, until Aiden comes up with a plan to give Laurel what she’s always secretly dreamed of. But can Laurel move beyond the hurts of the past to embrace a new future?

Release week thank you!

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate release week for PROMISE AT REFUGE POINT! I’m thrilled with the response so far and so happy this book is finally out in the world.

There have already been some great reader reviews:

“Donna Alward’s story skillfully and realistically illustrates how two insecure and lonely characters gradually begin to rely on each other and eventually fall completely in love. This story is so emotional and eloquent that I must admit that I used a few tissues while I was reading it. Readers will fall in love with these two intelligent, independent and extremely sensitive characters! I highly recommend this book!” – Lisa, Goodreads

“Great love story…” Susan, Amazon reader

And because this *is* the last book in the series:

“A wonderful end to a series of founding fathers, intrigue, mystery, and romance in a small town.” – Moira, Goodreads

Here’s a little taster! Summer and Jax have kissed for the first time, but obviously, it’s COMPLICATED. 😉
She wanted to kiss him again. Forget about everything else in the world and just lose herself in sensation. And then she thought of what she’d told him, what her plans were for her future, and knew she had to step back.
Summer needed this job. Maybe they could navigate their way through it and still… what, have a fling? But if it got awkward, she was under no illusions. She’d be out of a job and still have tuition and bills in September for her program. And she needed that program. Working part time hours and just getting by was not how she wanted to live the rest of her life. At thirty-two, it was time for more. And maybe, for the first time ever, she believed she deserved it. Nothing could jeopardize her plans for the future—not even delicious kisses from her boss.
Especially not that, come to think of it.
You can get PROMISE AT REFUGE POINT at Amazon and read for Free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription!


Promise at Refuge Point is out today!

Is there any better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with a fantastic romance novel? It sure seemed like the perfect time to release one, and today PROMISE AT REFUGE POINT – the final book in my Jewell Cove series – hits the shelves! It’s available in ebook and paperback, and also for free in the Kindle Unlimited plan from Amazon.

I have LOVED writing this series, starting with THE HOUSE ON BLACKBERRY HILL. When I started it, I did all the initial worldbuilding for the town of Jewell Cove along Maine’s midcoast. I wanted the landscape to be similar to Nova Scotia’s south shore (which is one of my fave spots!) and I modeled it on two towns that I kind of blended together – Mahone Bay and Lunenburg. At the center of that first book was also a gorgeous (yet neglected) mansion that I modeled on two museums here in Nova Scotia: Prescott House in Starr’s Point, and Uniacke House in Mount Uniacke. Throughout the books, the images of the house, the waterfront, the sparkling bay and the quaint shops along the Main Street… they gave me so much joy and comfort. I love that cozy small-town feel!

Of course that often comes with a side of “everyone knows everyone else’s business” so….

You can BUY (yay!) it right now at Amazon and read it for free in Kindle Unlimited, or order the paperback from your favorite vendor in a few days’ time, once vendors have populated their titles!

Last chance to preorder Promise at Refuge Point

This is the last week for you to preorder PROMISE AT REFUGE POINT, the final book in the Jewell Cove series (but you do not have to read the series in order!). You can preorder your copy here and it will also be available in Kindle Unlimited on release day!

Summer Arnold is the sweetheart of Jewell Cove. There isn’t a job she hasn’t worked or a life she hasn’t touched. But Summer has a secret. No one in town knows the truth of her early childhood, nor the disgraceful ancestry that she hasn’t acknowledged. Her shame is an emotional wall keeping the world from getting too close. Now, her latest job—working on a documentary about the history of Jewell Cove—is threatening to unearth her secrets.

It’s one disaster after another for Jax Brodie’s documentary, until he hires Summer Arnold. His personal assistant’s knowledge of Jewell Cove and insight into his production problems are invaluable. She works her way into her personal life too, teaching the chronic overachiever how to trust those around him and helping him to realize that the man he’s become is… enough.

While a relationship wasn’t in either of their plans, Jax and Summer find themselves growing closer. Little by little, Summer’s emotional walls begin to crumble, That is until Jax learns the secret of Summer’s heritage. Now Summer must choose between running from the past and trusting the man she’s come to love.

Have you joined Step Into The Story?

Did you know I’m a co-host of a group called STEP INTO THE STORY that features mostly historical fiction? My bestie Barbara Tanner Wallace and I run a monthly book chat, interview featured authors, do video reviews, and post tidbits about history and historical fiction in our Facebook group, on Instagram @stepintothestorybooks , and on YouTube! For example, in January we read Jenni L Walsh’s new book UNSINKABLE, as well as interviewed Glynis Peters on her latest in her Red Cross Orphans series, THE ORPHAN’S HOMECOMING. This month we are reading THE FROZEN RIVER by Ariel Lawhon – our chat is coming on the 13th – and our featured author is Embassie Susberry, the author of CODE NAME BUTTERFLY, which is a story about Josephine Baker!

We would love for you to join us, share what you’re reading, and maybe even participate in our 2024 Reading Challenge! All the details are in our Facebook Group!

Monthly Deal: First Responders Boxed Set

This month’s deal is a great one! Get the FIRST RESPONDERS Boxed Set – 4 novellas in 1 volume – for just $0.99! Available on Amazon and FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

When Carly Douglas is run off the road, Gabe Brenner, an off-duty paramedic, rushes in to help. She hasn’t seen Gabe since before her marriage and subsequent divorce, but little has changed. He’s still strong, sexy, and oh-so capable. Gabe can’t believe it’s Carly in the car. He’s always had a soft spot for her, and seeing her in distress brings out his most protective instincts. In the days and weeks that follow, it’s clear there’s more than friendship between them as attraction sizzles. But Gabe has a secret that might just change Carly’s feelings for him forever. Can they move past the truth and into a future as a family?

Constable Kendra Givens isn’t impressed when she’s called to Jake Symonds’s pub for a break-and-enter. He’s been a pain in her neck since the night they met, when she arrested him for drunk and disorderly. But Jake’s a different now—he’s shed the bad-boy act but kept the good looks and charm. Ex-soldier Jake knows he and Kendra got off on the wrong foot two years ago, but he’s not the same guy. The sexy RCMP officer really rings his bell, and after a couple of dates it’s clear the attraction’s mutual. But can they move past their emotional baggage to make this more than a summer fling?

Ally Gallant is used to being underestimated. She thinks she might have found her place at the local animal shelter—until it burns and leaves the animals homeless and her without a purpose. It doesn’t help that she’s rescued from the fire by Chris Jackson, her high school sweetheart and former fiancé. She can’t even call him the one that got away, because she was the one to break off their engagement when Chris’s carefully mapped-out life plan became too much to take. Chris has never really got over his first love, and seeing her in danger has resurrected all sorts of feelings. As they reconnect, and their passion is reignited, he starts to understand why she left three years ago. He’d like to start over, but at some point she needs to meet him halfway, if they’re to have a second chance at happiness…

Working a short-term assignment in small-town Nova Scotia is just what RCMP officer Matt Parker needs. Until a call about a puppy mill brings back haunting memories of a case gone bad. Lucky for him, pretty veterinarian Lindsay Swan proves to be a great distraction. Lindsay can’t resist the sexy police officer, particularly when she sees his tender, caring side. For her, relationships are bad news, so it’s perfect that Matt is only in town temporarily. And it would be easy to keep things light, until a local woman disappears and Matt’s darkest secret is revealed. Can Lindsay be the support he needs, or will she choose to keep her heart safe?


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