Have you joined Step Into The Story?

Feb 4, 2024

Did you know I’m a co-host of a group called STEP INTO THE STORY that features mostly historical fiction? My bestie Barbara Tanner Wallace and I run a monthly book chat, interview featured authors, do video reviews, and post tidbits about history and historical fiction in our Facebook group, on Instagram @stepintothestorybooks , and on YouTube! For example, in January we read Jenni L Walsh’s new book UNSINKABLE, as well as interviewed Glynis Peters on her latest in her Red Cross Orphans series, THE ORPHAN’S HOMECOMING. This month we are reading THE FROZEN RIVER by Ariel Lawhon – our chat is coming on the 13th – and our featured author is Embassie Susberry, the author of CODE NAME BUTTERFLY, which is a story about Josephine Baker!

We would love for you to join us, share what you’re reading, and maybe even participate in our 2024 Reading Challenge! All the details are in our Facebook Group!


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