September Reads

My reading was a bit slower this month – there’s been a lot going on plus finishing up the veg garden which has made for weekends of canning and freezing and not reading! But I did manage to read three great historical fiction titles. What’s so cool is that they are so very DIFFERENT from each other. Three Words for Goodbye is set in the late thirties before the beginning of WW2 and takes place mostly in settings around Europe. The Fire and the Ore is set in the 1850s in Utah. And The Roaring Days of Zora Lily is a 1920’s tale that takes place mostly in Seattle (with a stop in Hollywood). The styles of the authors are also very, very different. I find I have something to learn from each book, and can recommend all three!

Get these books before they become exclusive!

On November 1, a number of my books are going to be available exclusively on Amazon and in the Kindle Unlimited program. If you are a Kobo, Apple, or Nook reader this means they’re going to be disappearing (though you can always get them for Kindle and use the kindle app on your device!). Grab them for your device now before they disappear!

Falling for Her Billionaire Boss
Back in the Soldier’s Bed
The Girl Most Likely
Sold to the Highest Bidder
Second Chances Boxed Set
First Responders Boxed Set



Cover Reveal: Promise at Refuge Point

It’s HERE! The gorgeous cover for PROMISE AT REFUGE POINT! It’s a stunner for the final book in the Jewell Cove series, available for preorder and releasing on January 15 in ebook and paperback!

Massive thanks to Selena at Ecila Media for the fantastic art!

Entire Cowboy Collection on Sale!

I adore September. It always feels more like a new year than actual New Year’s. To celebrate, I’ve decided to offer a whopper of a sale this month!
You can get ALL of the Cowboy Collection (excluding boxed sets) for 25-30% off ALL MONTH LONG! There are sixteen books in all, and they can all be read standalone OR you can grab them in series (at 25% off, it works out to every 4th book is free!). There’s the Windover Ranch trilogy, the Larch Valley miniseries, and the Cadence Creek miniseries, as well as a few standalone titles.
You can grab them exclusively at Amazon: – get them now because once the sale is over, they won’t be marked down again until 2024!
*excludes boxed sets

Book Deal: Breathe for 99 cents

Kobo readers! This Labour Day weekend, get my book BREATHE for only 99 cents! The sale runs from August 31 to September 4. If you like second chance romances, adorable kids who play matchmaker, and stunning vineyard settings, you’ll love this one! It’s set in one of my favourite places in Canada – the Shuswap region in British Columbia.


You can download your discounted copy here!

Special Deal on SOMEBODY’S BABY Audiobook

Are you an audiobook lover? Starting today and going until the 23rd of September, SOMEBODY’S BABY in my Darling VT series is on sale at Chirp for only $2.99! This title normally retails for $11.99 so it’s a real bargain.

I absolutely love the job my narrator, Leanne Woodward, has done with this series (she narrated the first two books as well). You can absolutely read these titles as standalones, but the other two are also available on Chirp or wherever you normally purchase your audio titles. Here’s a little about the story:

When town social media maven Oaklee Collier accidentally hits a stray dog, she turns to Rory Gallagher, Darling’s local vet and her big brother’s best friend. Rory patches up the pup, but his suggestion that she foster the dog through his recovery puts her off her stride. Oaklee isn’t into commitments of any kind, not since she was left at the altar during a secret elopement. She refuses to let the dog—or the sexy veterinarian—into her heart.

Rory knows he should be hands off where Oaklee is concerned. She’s his best friend’s little sister, and it’s his job to look out for her – not try to get her into bed! They fight their attraction, but when Oaklee faces heartbreak, attraction turns into something much deeper. But Rory has his own hidden scars, and unless he can come clean with Oaklee about his past, their future together is at risk.

Get it for $2.99 until September 23rd!

Local History: Georges Island and Fort Charlotte

Last Sunday my husband and I took a short boat ride to Georges Island (btw it drives me crazy that it’s not spelled with an apostrophe), which is now a Parks Canada site. We’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and so as part of my birthday weekend, off we went! The weather was nice in the morning once the fog cleared, and didn’t really change to cloud and showers until we were waiting for the ferry to take us back across the harbour to where we’d parked (we love parking in Dartmouth and ferrying over rather than paying for parking and driving downtown).
Georges island has played a part in the defences of Halifax since the mid 18th century… before then it was home to the Mi’kmaq for thousands of years. In its early years, the British used it as a prison for Acadians who were being deported – something I didn’t know before and was shocked to discover. Over 1000 Acadians were held – including children – while waiting deportation by the British.
Fort Charlotte was built there in the late 18th century – Prince Edward named it for his mother – and over the years (19th century) modifications were made to include a tunnel system and massive rifle muzzle-loading guns (the one pictured required 70 lbs of powder for a single shot!). In WW1, submarine nets extended across the harbour from Georges Island each night – in fact, the Mont Blanc entered the harbour the morning of December 6, 1917, because it had arrived too late to enter the evening before; the nets had already been put in place. The resulting explosion between the Mont Blanc and the Imo is the backdrop for my historical fiction coming next year, WHEN THE WORLD FELL SILENT.
In WW2, an anti-aircraft unit was stationed on the island, and they were the last soldiers to be stationed there. It’s been a national historic site since 1965.
I am not a huge fan of tight spaces or being underground, but I did do the tunnel tour and it was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. Ventilation was necessary as well as holes for natural light since black powder was stored in the magazine (the big room in the collage). We also got to see the firing of the noon gun at Citadel Hill…and the boom that echoed a few seconds after. The brick building in the collage is the married quarters (small, with only 2 bedrooms, a sitting room, and a kitchen!), as well as one of the massive guns and the lighthouse. Our tour guide was lovely and the boat to and from quite nice…but then I’m pretty happy when I’m on the water anyway.
We returned to the Halifax waterfront, and then went for a delicious lunch at the Bicycle Thief and dessert – I had my first Beavertail (which is a flat pastry shaped like a beaver tail and then topped with deliciousness)!
There is so much history outside our own back doors. I’m glad I finally got to explore this one a little!

Somebody Like You, FREE for a limited time

I can’t believe it’s August already! We had a fairly rainy July, as well as devastating flooding (once again our house was spared, but Nova Scotia has taken a beating this summer between the fires and floods). August, however, has been beautiful thus far with sunny days and far less of the humidity we’d been experiencing. Our garden is producing so it means I’ll be up to my elbows in pickles and tomatoes soon. It’s also perfect for sitting on the deck or heading to the beach… so why not put a fantastic beach read on sale?

SOMEBODY LIKE YOU, first in my Darling VT series, is FREE from August 6-10 at Amazon so this is the perfect time to grab it if you haven’t already. If you like small town romances, well-meaning but nosy families, and enemies to lovers (and also friends to lovers) stories, you’re going to love this one. You can grab it at Amazon right now!

New Release Alert: Resisting the Royal Bodyguard

Happy August! I don’t know where the summer is going, but it’s sure slipping by fast. We spent the last weekend of July visiting family – which means lots of food, laughs, and one amazing sunset by the lake.

I’m working away on new historical fiction, but I’m still releasing a few romances in the meantime. On August 1, my novella RESISTING THE ROYAL BODYGUARD went live at Amazon for just 99 cents. It’s a novella in my Princes of Marazur series – a happy ending for Marco, who is now head of palace security. It’s a royalty-adjacent romance with a non-royal at the center. But readers (and this author!) have always had a soft spot for the bodyguard who was driving the car the night the crown princess was killed many years ago (and more on that storyline and the Navarro princes in the other two stories in the series!). Marco has so much survivor’s guilt, and he has a knack of seeing beneath the surface to the pain in others. That’s why when Hayley Walters returns to Marazur to make amends with her sister, Princess Rose, he believes that she genuinely is looking to repair their relationship and start again.


There’s always an until, isn’t there? And for the royal family, that means another scandal with Hayley at the center. And Marco must choose between his duty and his heart.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one – it’s a sweet little summer read, perfect for the beach or relaxing in the shade with something cool to drink. Or perhaps inside on a rainy day, curled up with a book to pass the time. You can grab it only on amazon at

Enjoy. 🙂



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