Step into the Story is an online community for readers (and writers) who are passionate about quality fiction—especially historical and women’s fiction. Join the discussion as we share our opinions on all things books and writing. The community is hosted by Barbara Wallace and myself, and you’re guaranteed to find opinions on books, writing, and a ton of interesting tidbits about history.

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In addition to our Facebook community, once a week Barb and I get over our stage fright to host a videocast for community members and YouTube subscribers. Step Into The Story is where we dissect the season’s buzziest titles to learn what made the book so popular. In between deep dives, we chat about about history and fiction writing. The first Friday of each month Barb shares Barb’s Book Reviews. We have a Featured Author segment with special guests, and also a Writing Room, where we break down the business and craft of writing. You can be sure, though, that whatever goes on, we’ll be having a ton of fun. We’re passionate about what we do and we want to take you right along with us.

If you want a taste of what our broadcasts are like, pour yourself your fave beverage and visit us on YouTube.

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