Release week thank you!

Feb 18, 2024

Thank you so much for helping me celebrate release week for PROMISE AT REFUGE POINT! I’m thrilled with the response so far and so happy this book is finally out in the world.

There have already been some great reader reviews:

“Donna Alward’s story skillfully and realistically illustrates how two insecure and lonely characters gradually begin to rely on each other and eventually fall completely in love. This story is so emotional and eloquent that I must admit that I used a few tissues while I was reading it. Readers will fall in love with these two intelligent, independent and extremely sensitive characters! I highly recommend this book!” – Lisa, Goodreads

“Great love story…” Susan, Amazon reader

And because this *is* the last book in the series:

“A wonderful end to a series of founding fathers, intrigue, mystery, and romance in a small town.” – Moira, Goodreads

Here’s a little taster! Summer and Jax have kissed for the first time, but obviously, it’s COMPLICATED. 😉
She wanted to kiss him again. Forget about everything else in the world and just lose herself in sensation. And then she thought of what she’d told him, what her plans were for her future, and knew she had to step back.
Summer needed this job. Maybe they could navigate their way through it and still… what, have a fling? But if it got awkward, she was under no illusions. She’d be out of a job and still have tuition and bills in September for her program. And she needed that program. Working part time hours and just getting by was not how she wanted to live the rest of her life. At thirty-two, it was time for more. And maybe, for the first time ever, she believed she deserved it. Nothing could jeopardize her plans for the future—not even delicious kisses from her boss.
Especially not that, come to think of it.
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