somebody’s baby

Special Deal on SOMEBODY’S BABY Audiobook

Are you an audiobook lover? Starting today and going until the 23rd of September, SOMEBODY’S BABY in my Darling VT series is on sale at Chirp for only $2.99! This title normally retails for $11.99 so it’s a real bargain.

I absolutely love the job my narrator, Leanne Woodward, has done with this series (she narrated the first two books as well). You can absolutely read these titles as standalones, but the other two are also available on Chirp or wherever you normally purchase your audio titles. Here’s a little about the story:

When town social media maven Oaklee Collier accidentally hits a stray dog, she turns to Rory Gallagher, Darling’s local vet and her big brother’s best friend. Rory patches up the pup, but his suggestion that she foster the dog through his recovery puts her off her stride. Oaklee isn’t into commitments of any kind, not since she was left at the altar during a secret elopement. She refuses to let the dog—or the sexy veterinarian—into her heart.

Rory knows he should be hands off where Oaklee is concerned. She’s his best friend’s little sister, and it’s his job to look out for her – not try to get her into bed! They fight their attraction, but when Oaklee faces heartbreak, attraction turns into something much deeper. But Rory has his own hidden scars, and unless he can come clean with Oaklee about his past, their future together is at risk.

Get it for $2.99 until September 23rd!


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