Atlantic Book Fair Dinner

Jun 21, 2024

Last Sunday I was delighted to attend the Atlantic Book Fair dinner to chat about my upcoming book. I’m a BIIIIG introvert, so walking into the cocktail hour alone was daunting, and I only recognized a few people. I hadn’t met my publisher rep from HarperCollins Canada, but a kind soul pointed her out and she was amazingly lovely. I got to hold the arc of WHEN THE WORLD FELL SILENT, met lots of incredible booksellers, and chatted a lot with Tom Ryan, who was also there to talk about his new book, The Treasure Hunter’s Club from Simon and Schuster. I *think* my presentation went just fine and while introvert me always finds these kinds of things challenging, I’m inevitably always so glad I did them because once I get to know people I really enjoy them. Not long until this baby is out in the world… July 20 in ebook and audio, August 6 in paperback in Canada! (August 1 in the US and UK!)


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